Change the way you irrigate. IrriSept instead.


The IrriSept Advantage


Delivery System:

Mechanical action of the IrriSept system removes bacteria and debris in the wound without harming underlying tissues.


IrriSept has passed FDA-required testing for cytotoxicity, skin irritation and immune allergic response3.

Lab Studies:

In log reduction studies, exposure to the 0.05% CHG in IrriSept at one minute interval resulted in 99.999% reduction for MRSA and 99.9999% reduction for Pseudomonas aeroginosa1.

Lab Testing:

In laboratory testing, 0.05% CHG continued to destroy and inhibit MRSA and coagulase-negative Staphylococcus aureus for up to 14 days2.

» News:  Related article: American Journal of Infection Control May 2014 Volume 42, Issue 5:
   Sue Barnes et al "Surgical Wound Irrigation: A Call for Evidence-based Standardization of practice"


Examples of IrriSept use include:

  • Surgical Procedures (as a final rinse before closure)

    • Orthopedic Surgery
    • General Surgery
    • Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
    • Cardiothoracic Surgery
    • Neurosurgery

  • Surgical Site Infections (SSI)

    Skin & Soft Tissue Infections (SSTI)



    Deep Traumatic Wounds

  • Delayed Closure

    Wound Dehiscence

    Pilonidal Cysts


IrriSept is indicated for use on wounds.

CHG acts as a preservative to help inhibit microbial growth in the solution.

Contraindicated for patients with CHG allergy. Keep away from eyes and ear canals; if there is contact with these areas, rinse out promptly and thoroughly with water or normal saline.

  1. Edmiston et al 2012, Surgical Microbiology Research Laboratory, Department of Surgery, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  2. Laboratory Testing Records, "Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) Bacterial Study Report," on file at IrriMax Corporation.
  3. Biocompatibility compliance tests completed per FDA's Blue Book Memorandum G95-1 and ISO 10993-1, Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices, on file at IRRIMAX Corporation
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